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Bridging Foods

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UPC: 9780648264606
AUTHOR: Sally Green & Nicole Sjardin
ISBN: 978-0-6482646-0-6
EDITOR: Gabriele Conrad
COVER DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye
BOOK DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye
PHOTOS: Lee Green

For every meal or snack, we all make a call about what food we are going to eat. What is behind these choices? And how does this affect what ends up on our plate?

Learning to eat and cook gluten, dairy, salt, yeast and sugar free, can be the beginnings of making different choices about food and possibly life in general.

By taking responsibility for the energy we are in when we decide what to eat our relationship with food takes on a whole new flavour.En-joy building this relationship with yourself . . .

The recipes in this book are gluten, dairy, yeast and salt free, and they are also low in sugar.

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