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The Intimacy of Wisdom

Vol. 1
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AUTHOR: Rachel Hall
ISBN: 978-0-6483560-5-9
EDITOR: Gayle Cue
COVER DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye
BOOK DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye

The Intimacy of Wisdom – An ever-unfolding mastery with the science of access and conveyance

There is a rich source of wisdom that flows through us all, it is not something that needs to be learnt, studied or understood. It is there at a speed to be instantly realised should our lived way move us to be in responsivity to receive and hear its transmission.

The Ageless Wisdom and Universal Intelligence abound in a constant, unceasing vibrational communication as we are held in The Field of God’s Love. Never before has the word of God and The Hierarchy been as accessible to us all.

“God’s Wisdom is available to all; it is simply a case of moving in a way that allows the communication that is constantly available to be accessed.

And what then is that movement? – To move in purpose and with responsivity.

Move to be with and of God and all of God’s wisdom is available to you.”

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