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More Than Human

Reincarnation and The Game
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AUTHOR: Ruth Foster
ISBN: 978-0-6482646-4-4
EDITOR: Gayle Cue, Gabriele Conrad
COVER DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye
BOOK DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye

Humankind has ever sought to ‘understand itself’, to know its place in the Universe and to justify its specific and endlessly debated individualised appearance on this planet. But it has sought with and from a presumed intelligence that is deeply and irrevocably flawed, by virtue of its encumbering, pre-set design to deliberately and convincingly lead us astray, to conceal our dimly sensed, more-than-human origins. Now, neck-deep into the failed foray of being human, exhausted from our existential, extra-terrestrial searchings and covered in the mud of self-made societal affliction, we are once again calling for Truth. Not the convenient shades-of grey-truth codified by our collective modern manifestos, but the One, Unified and Energetic Truth that will lead us out of our current predicament.

This book is written in response to that call.

The Lie of Being Human has gone unseen and unsensed for too long, and as such it is delaying our return to our One Unified Origin – a Field of Immeasurable Love where the One Soul resides. This time-less field is the source of the Ageless Wisdom.

This book honours the third instalment of the Ageless Wisdom in our so-called ‘modern’ times; a trio of writings spanning 200 years, beginning with the re-instigated offerings of Helena P Blavatsky, the preparatory work of Alice A Bailey and, since 1999, the spherical and complete body of service, lived in full via Serge Isaac Benhayon.

Ruth Foster is a lives-long lover of energetic truth and a joyful server of humanity. Her lived way is simple, Universal, and in dedicated receivership of what is required for us all to realise what it is to be and live magnificently as More than Human.

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