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Short Stories for Big Questions

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AUTHOR: Joel Levin
ISBN: 978-0-6482646-6-8
EDITOR: Gabriele Conrad
BOOK DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye

There are questions that have been with humanity for aeons.

• Who are we?

• What is our purpose?

• Why is there so much internal and external struggle?

People from across cultures are asking the same questions, yet our disparate and at times conflicting answers do not seem to be leading to a healthier and more harmonious society. Indeed, we are in an era when viruses and the exposition of systemic racism are taking the blinkers off what is possible and what is needed.
Short stories for big questions is a compilation of allegories, reflections and stories that journal the author’s explorations of these questions through the eyes of the Ageless Wisdom; an approach to life that puts each of us and our relationship with soul, at the centre of the answer.
Beautifully illustrated and there to be picked up at any page, this volume is as much a collection of personal sharing, as it is an invitation to a deeper exploration of your own answers to these questions.

“Joel’s a genius at making the magic of the universe deliciously and brilliantly accessible to all. A modern master story-teller.” ~ Otto Bathurst, TV and Film Director

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