There is a truth that lives within us all, a dormant spark that never left us, often buried deep within, seemingly lost and hidden under the layers of what we consider human life to be. A spark that awaits as a faintly glowing ember to be fanned into the Fiery Flame – a beacon in the darkness that, once ignited, is steadfast and true in its quality and enlightening capacity.

This autobiographical book details a period of life when one woman re-connected to this inner spark as it guided her along a path that was beautiful in its simplicity and yet at times appearing arduous and demanding, challenging the very fibre of her being, a test of her dedication and unwavering commitment – For the Love of God, Truth and The Ageless Wisdom.


Ageless Wisdom every day 

Throughout history there have always been libraries that enhoused publications in which wisdom was the foundational impress for a scroll or book. The Library of Alexandria was perhaps the most well known of these libraries but by no means the only one. In the Dark Ages collections of books were moved around so as not to be discovered by the ruling elite. Today we live in an age in which there is more information than ever before but very little writing that is of true richness or power. Books of great value no longer have to be hidden – they are disguised in the sea of distraction that has become so characteristic of an electronic media age.

Enter Golden Mean Books – a publishing house that heralds a re-turn to the wisdom and depth of the publications of old. A beacon for those looking for books across a diverse range of subjects and genres, that provide a common golden thread – a quality that is ageless in its wisdom and yet everyday in its lived application.





Road Gloria

By Joel Levin

I read this book over the holidays. It’s a show stopper for many reasons but one of the things I loved was how relatable it was. If you are one to question the deeper aspects of life and are looking for a ‘real’ read then look no further. Joel Levin is a master at capturing life’s truths and sharing them in a way that is easy to digest while inspiring you to ponder on one’s own life and how it is being lived. Highly recommend!

Vanessa McComb, Brisbane Australia