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Handbook for Being Human

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AUTHOR: Cynthia Hickman
ISBN: 978-0-6483560-3-5
EDITOR: Peter Bonnell and Gabriele Conrad
COVER DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye
BOOK DESIGN: Desiree Delaloye

Most people would agree that being a human being is a challenging undertaking. We have to learn to support ourselves, get along with others and find our place in the world. But just as importantly we have to learn how to enjoy life and foster our humanity. Most of us receive little training in how to manage being human and how to live a meaningful and satisfying life and yet so many of us are hungry for such guidance. Our world focuses its attention on our doing – our vocational, technical, administrative and material activity – but it ignores our inner being. This book, in contrast, offers us guidance in how to be; in how to be a compassionate, open and balanced human being.

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